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V Notch Ball Valve / Segmented Ball Valve 

Jupiter Controls segmented ball valve provides excellent modulating control with obstruction free design. The uni-body construction provides increased structural integrity and minimized leaks through body joints. The specially designed compound V opening provides precise equal percentage flow control with small incremental opening in the lower end of the valve rotation and high flow capacity in the upper end. The nearly wide open at full open, along with recessed bearings, virtually eliminates plugging/clogging of the valve

The valve’s design allows control of the most fluids used in many industries. The valve is suitable for fibers, particles in suspension, dirty, clean, viscous, and corrosive fluids, gas, steam, and especially pulp and paper applications. The valve can be supplied with a variety of actuators, positioners, limit switches/transmitters, or other top works accessories.













:• Precise contouring of the V-notch provides excellent control characteristics for an extensive variety of flow application.

• Splined connection between the shaft and ball ensures precise control and low hysteresis.

• Seat Retainer is side mounted and allows for ease of maintenance and repair.

• Superior trunnion bearing technology is engineered for excellent abrasion resistance.

• Rugged self-adjusting metal seated option is ideally suited for high temperature applications or slurries.  Spring load seat maintains constant contact with the ball, giving enhanced sealing performance.

• Shearing action between ball and seal promotes smooth, non- clogging operation perfect for fiber or slurry application.

• Optional PTFE seat insert for low temperature applications.


Actuator                 :Single Acting (Spring Return) / Double Acting

Design                     :1Piece Design Ball Valve(Fire Safe Design Available )

Body                        :WCB / CF8 / CF8M / CF3M

Size                         : 1” to 14”

Ball                          :CF8 / CF8M / CF3M

Seat                         :PTFE / CFT / GFT / PEEK / TFM/ Metal To Metal

Temprature              :up to 180° C

Pressure                  :Up to 10 BAR

End Connection      :Flanged End Class 150#, 300#

Salient Feature

  • On / OFF Indicator

  • NAMUR Standard Solenoid Valve in all Standard Coil Voltage

  • I/P Transducer (Convertor)

  • Pneumatic valve positioner

  • Electro-Pneumatic valve positioner

  • Declutchable Manual Over - ride

  • Limit Switches for On / Off Indication at Panel board

  • Filter + Regulator Combination with Pressure Gauge

  • Air Lock Valve

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