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Knife Gate Valves


Manual Hand Wheel Knife Gate Valve,Worm-Gear Operated Knife Gate Valve, Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator Operated Knife Gate Valve, Electrical Actuator Operated Knife Gate Valve

Jupiter Controls knife gate valves is greatly appreciated for its cost effectiveness. This series is developed with an aim to  enhance customer's profitability and satisfaction. 

•  Knife gate valve is one of the most preferred industrial valves. It is featured with minimum contact between moving parts of  the valves. In this type of valve, a gate is practically held between layers of gland packing without touching the body parts    during most of its travels.
•  The seating is accomplished with a non-sliding motion aided by jams located in the body. Avoiding sliding contact between gate and body permits this valve to handle abrasive particles present in the media much better than conventional designs.
•  This valve is named 'Knife' because of the beveled bottom edge of the gate. It allows positive closure of the gate even when  solid particles settles at the bottom of the body.

•  In abrasive media, deflection cones are used to avoid direct impingement of the media on the seat surface. Besides this, sometimes hard facing of seat part is also used, which involves stelliting of the seat or gate or complete intruding of body as    well as gate.

• Another feature is the purge connection which allows the flow of suitable fluids at pressures higher than line pressure in    order to clean seating surfaces (body purges) and packing area (chest purges). This helps in minimizing abrasive wear and  tear during opening and closure of valve. Knife gate valves are excellent hopper isolation valves with their ability to cut  through flowing powders and close by dislodging any material in the seating area. Specially designed to tolerate differential  thermal expansion of its parts without affecting its functions, this valve is an ideal choice for handling high temperature media

















•  Knife Gate Valves are used in a variety of applications such as:
•  Thermal Power Plants, Mining, Collieries.
•  Sludge and viscous media handling
•  Sewage and Waste Water Treatment, Chemical Sludges, Sticky Media Molasses.
•  Pulp and Paper Stock Lines
•  On-Off & Control Applications
•  Slurry Lines
•  Dry Solid and Powder Handling
•  Hopper isolation valves, Pneumatic conveying systems, polymer chips handling, Weighing & batching systems, Dryers;          

 Coal burner valves to NFPA-8503 specifications.
•  High Temperature Gas Lines
•  Carbon Black Plants.Usage in Industries

•  Pulp & Paper Industries
•  Sugar Mills
•  Thermal Power Plants
•  Textiles Industries
• Sewage Plants

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