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Gate Valve

Bolted Bonnet, OS & Y Type, Rising Stem Gate Valve

 Manual Hand Wheel Gate Valve,Worm-Gear Operated Gate Valve, Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator Operated Gate Valve, Electrical Actuator Operated Gate Valve

This valve has inside a gate that moves up-down perpendicular to the flow of the service. In the up position it will open and vise versa in the down position it will be closed. The flow is straight through, and does not lend itself for use as a metering valve. The Gate valve is also available different types of Disc-Gate such as Double Disc Gate, Solid Gate, Flexible Gate, Parallel Slide Gate, Conduit Gate etc. to suit industrial various applications. The gate valve is used mainly as an on /off valve. This Gate Valve is also called as a Bi Directional Gate Valve. Gate Valves are also widely used in High Pressure & Temperature application. Mostly Gate valve contructions are bolted bonnet with rising stem. Pressure seal design bonnet design used for High Pressure application.

Rising Stem

Outside Screw & Yoke (OS & Y) design keeps the stem threads outside the valve and is recommended where high temperatures, corrosives, and solids in the line might damage the stem threads inside the valve. When Gate Valve will open, the stem extends above the hand wheel indicates the position of the gate.

Valve Trim

A trim means internal working parts of valves. In Gate Valves the Stem (Spindle), Seat Ring, Back Seat Bush, Gland Bush is trim.

Integral Seat

These types’ seats are integral with body casting. Machined into the body casting.

Renewable Seat

Separate Seat Rings that screw into the valve body, which is called as Renewable Seats.


Flexible Wedge / Solid Wedge Gate Valve Exporter, Renewable Seat / Welded Seat Design Gate Valve Manufacturers,
Flanged End/Screwed/Butt Weld/Socket Weld/Ring Joint End Gate Valve India,Manual Hand Wheel / Gear / Chain Wheel Operated Gate Valve Suppliers,Gate Valve Manufacturers Size Range: From ½” to 12”,Gate Valve Pressure Rating: 125# / 150# / 300# / 600# / 800#

Jupiter Controls Gate Valves are Outside Screw, Rising Spindle, Bolted Bonnet design, threads are away from the line fluid and easy to lubricate.

Gate Valve body ports are streamlined, permitting unobstructed flow, reduces turbulence, results in lower pressure drop and lower erosion. Jupiter Controls Gate Valves bonnet castings are of one – piece construction, where the yoke is integral with bonnet up to 6” Size.

Salient Features :

  • Body & Bonnet made from high quality casting with liberal sections. The castings are precision machined for high performance

  • Bi-Directional Shut-Off

  • Die moulded Graphite (Grafoil) Packing Rings, controlled clearance between stem, gland and bonnet bushing for guaranteed low emissions and also suitable for higher temperature.

  • Deep stuffing box is providing for tightness and maximum long packing life.

  • Swinging Eye Bolts facilitate easy access to the stuffing box.

  • Back seating feature facilitates repacking of the stuffing box on line with the valve in fully open position.

  • Seat Ring Screwed in to the body are replaceable type. Seal welded type Seat Ring & Integral Seat cab also be offered on special request.

  • Stellited Disc, Seat Ring & Back Seat can also be offered on special request.

  • Higher Pressure & Higher Size Valves are provided with Thrust Bearings and also with Gear drive arrangements.

  • In built wear life for long duration of service. 


Material of Construction:

Cast Iron                          : IS 210 Gr FG 200

Cast Carbon Steel           : ASTM A 216 Gr WCB

Cast Stainless Steel         : ASTM A 351 Gr CF 8/CF 8M

Forged Carbon Steel       : ASTM A 105

Forged Stainless Steel     : ASTM A 182 Gr F304 / F316

End Connection                : Screwed AS PER BSP/BSPT/NPT

Socketweld                       : AS PER ANSI B 16.11

Flange                              : AS PER ANSI B 16.5

Pressure Rating                : ASA 125#, 150#, 300#, 600#, 800#

Engineering Option          : Gear Operated, Electrical Actuated,

Size Range                       : 15 mm to 300 mm

Material of Construction:

Valve Design                  : API 600 / API 602 / API 603 / IS 780 / BS 14846

Pressure Testing            : API 598

Face To Face                 : ANSI B 16.10

Flange Drilling                : ANSI B 16.5 / BS 10 Table / DIN / IS 6392

Butt Weld End                : ANSI B 16.25

Socket Weld End            : ANSI B 16.11

Screwed End                  : ANSI B 1.20.1(BSP/NPT)

Special Options:

  • Extended Bonnet design for low temperature and cryogenic services.

  • Flexible / Solid Wedge / Double Disc Type

  • Gland Seal Design (Water Seal) With Lantern Ring

  • Bolted Bonnet / Pressure Seal Bonnet

  • Gear / Pneumatic Cylinder / Hydraulic Cylinder / Electrical Actuator Operated

  • Locking Arrangement

  • With NACE MR 0175

  • Tailor Made Valve 

Gate Valve Application:

  • Power Plants & Process Industries

  • Petrochemical Plants & Refineries

  • Fertilizers Plants

  • Process & General Industries

  • Sugar Industries & Distillery Plants

  • Water, Steam, Gas, Oil & other Non-aggressive media

  • Other application on request

Wide Range of Industrial Gate Valve Manufacturer & Exporter

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Resilient Seated gate valve.jpg

Wide Range of Industrial Gate Valve Manufacturer & Exporter

Cast Iron Fire Fighting Gate Valve Manufacturer                                          Cast Carbon Steel Steam Gate Valve 

Cast Stainless Steel Gate Valve Exporter                                                        Forged Steel Gate Valve Supplier

Alloy Steel Gate Valve Stockiet                                                                         Alloy 20 Gate Valve Manufacturer

High Pressure Gate Valve Manufacturers                                                      Two Way Gate Valve Exporter

Bi-Directional Gate Valve Manufacturer                                                         Rising Stem Gate Valve Manufacturers

Electrical Actuator Operated Gate Valve Exporter                                        Motorised Gate Valve Supplier

Bolted Bonnet Gate Valve Stockiet                                                                  Union Bonnet Gate Valve Manufacturer

Flexible Wedge Gate Valve Manufacturers                                                     Solid Wedge Gate Valve Exporter


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