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Pneumatic Butterfly Valve
Jupiter Controls Pneumatic Butterfly Valve . Our product range is Rubber Lined Butterfly ValvesHigh Performance Butterfly Valves, Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves, Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves, Wafer Type Butterfly Valves and many other varieties in Butterfly Valves are available.

Pneumatic Butterfly valve works on a simple mechanism and is easy to use so it has low maintenance, these valves are fitted in mid of fluid flow. There is a disc connected to a center rod, which rotates the disc quarterly to pass through to open and close. This metal disc called Butterfly, rotates a quarter turn to allow fluid to pass indefinitely and so on the slow opening valve will reduce the flow, and the turning the disc to close the valve and flow. This valve is operated by pressurized air which is controlled by a pneumatic actuator that is fixed on it. So there is nobody who needs to operate but the pneumatic actuator operates this valve too fast and easily with the lowest cost and safety.

Pneumatic Actuator Butterfly Valves are generally used for liquid and slurry materials. These are very popular in the valve industry because of their easy to use and simple mechanism. Pneumatic Butterfly Valves are very useful to control highly inflammable liquids like petro-chemicals, Oil, and Gas. It is operated by Pneumatic which allows fast functionality and safe from fire and electric short circuits. So it is an electricity efficient operated valve with the lowest cost.


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