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Plug valve

Manual Hand Lever Operated Plug Valve / Pneumatic Rotary Actuator Operated Plug Valve / ROV / Electrical Actuator Operated Plug Valve  / Gear Operated Plug Valve 


Jupiter Controls Valves manufacturer of wide range Plug Valves

The Taper Plug valve is manufactured in sizes 1/2 inch thru 14 inch and is used on a wide variety of liquid, gaseous, and slurry services.

The tapered plug is held firmly into its tapered seat but can be adjusted so that complete leak tightness is achieved together with smooth valve operation.  The tapered seat surfaces of the plug and body are not exposed to the line fluid when the valve is in the open position, so that the effects of corrosion and erosion are confined to the less important parts of the valve.  Also since there is a straight flow path through the valve, there is very little resistance to flow and pressure loss is minimized.



All Carbon Steel taper plug valves, sizes 1-1/2 inch and above, have plugs with Flowserve Audco Super LoMu treatment.  In this unique process, low friction PTFE is incorporated in the surface structure of the valve plug metal.  This gives easier operation and enhanced resistance to taper lock over thousands of operations or many years of service.

The taper plug valve is not a pressure balanced plug valve and therefore is supplied only up to ANSI #300. For higher pressure classes or more critical services the Super-H valve shall be selected.

Non-Lubricated Plug Valve

The plug, in Non-Lubricated Plug valves, is tapered or cone-shaped, which acts as a wedge and presses the polymeric sleeve against the body cavity. This polymeric sleeve reduces the friction between the plug and the body. This sleeve is made from a non-metallic polymer material as a result allowing smooth movement of the plug and it binds the limit such as high-temperature tolerance.

These plug valves are generally used in applications needing low-maintenance, such as special services in hydrogen fluoride, sulfur, or liquids that can solidify and potentially jam the valve. These non-lubricated Plug Valves are ideal for low maintenance applications in comparison to the lubricated Plug Valves.

Lubricated Plug Valve

As the name defines, this type of plug valve requires Lubrication. The lubrication is injected in with pressure between the face of the plug and the body seat so that the valve can perform with minimal friction and seal ports. This lubricant is usually made up of a base oil and viscosity improver. Valve manufacturers generally advise suitable process fluid as a lubricant and the valves must be re-sealed with these lubricants after a few cycles and in some cases after every cycle. As we are aware that these valves require constant lubrication, they are often used in processes that have unusual operations. 

Lubricated Plug Valve performs its best in processes that utilize mildly rough particles, like Dirty Upstream applications, Gas pipeline systems that need bypass valves, a blow-down valve on valve stations, and kicker valves.

  • Applications: 
    Desalination, Drainage, Gas Production, Mining, Water Injection, Oil Production, Pipeline, Slurries, Sulfur Compound Extraction, Offshore

  • Industries: 
    Crude Handling and Treatment, Crude Pipeline, Slurry Transfer, Gas Treatment, Products Pipeline, Desalination

Material of Construction

Body / Insert  :-  Cast Carbon Steel to ASTM A 216 GR. WCB &  Stainless Steel to ASTM A 351 GR. CF 8 / CF8M / CF3 / CF3M

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