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About Jupiter Controls

Jupiter Controls a range of world-class flow control valves and valve automation products produced with one simple goal in  mind – “Customer Benefit”. We believe that all our actions, from concept to the performance of the product, must deliver    uncompromising value to the customer.

 Our passion to deliver a product with the highest “PQ” or Performance Quotient is the driver of all that is  done in the plant. The  plant has all the resources required to design, develop and supply world-class  products to any demanding application in a  wide spectrum of industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemical  Process, Food Process, Pharmaceuticals and Water. Unique  features and benefits are built into all the  products which guarantee highly dependable performance consistently.

 Our mission, to provide our customers with superior performance flow controls products that are delivered by efficient people  and processes guides us in all our efforts to deliver total customer satisfaction. The manufacturing and quality assurance  processes are well knit with a robust quality management system. 
 M/s Jupiter Controls is managed by Technocrats, having wide experience in Projects, maintenance, Production & Marketing of  Industrial Process Valve Automation and Pneumatics products

Product range includes:

High Performance Ball Valve, 3 Way, 4 Way, 5 Way Multiport Valve, Globe Valve, Gate Valve, Check Valve, Non Return Valve,  Butterfly Valve, Diaphragm Valve, Forged Steel Valve, Steam Jacketed Valve, Pneumatic Actuator Operated Valve, Electrical  Actuator Operated Valve, Remote Operated Valve, Strainer, Filter, Sight Glass, Sight Flow Indicator, Forged Steel Valve, PTFE  FEP PFA Lined Valve etc. Our World Class Updated Technology and the best possible quality Industrial Valves are for any  application and sector like Water, Oil, Gas, Steam, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Petro-chemicals, Steel Plant, Power Plant,  Sugar Mill, Paper Mill, Cement Plant, Rayon Plant, Breweries Plant, Pneumatic Actuators & Cylinders as per International  Standards, Pneumatic Ball Valves, Spherical Disc Valves, Butterfly valves, Pneumatic Control Valves & Solenoid Valves, Auto  Drain Valves, Air Preparation Units, Pulse Jet  valves, Pneumatic Gate Valves, Knife Edge Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Pulp Valve,  Diaphargm,Disc Type Non Return Valve, Pressure Reducing Valve, Manual Globe,Gate,NRV,Ball , Butterfly, Diaphargm Valves, Motorised Control Valves , ie. Ball,Butterfly, Globe, Gate, etc....for On/Off and Conrol application, Range of Valves in PP and  PVC,Angle Valve for Air, Water, Oil, Gas and Steam application.Pneumatic Cylinder Manufacturers, Pneumatic Cylinder, Heavy  Duty Pneumatic Cylinders,Pneumatic Valve, Pneumatic Valve Manufacturers, FRL Units,FRL Unit Manufacturers, Accessories, Electrical Actuator, Proportionate modulating control Valve, 4~20mA Actuated Valve Actuator, Linear Actuators, Electrical  Quarter turn Actuators, Motorized Valve Actuator, Motorized Electrical Valve Actuator, Motorised Damper Actuator, HVAC  Actuator, MOV, MOV Ball Valve, MOV Butterfly Valve, MOV Control Valve, Electrical Activators, Electrical Three Phase Actuator,  Three Phase Electrical Actuator, Multi Turn Electrical Actuator, Electric Ball Valve, Electric Butterfly Valve, Micro Limit Switch  box for Pneumatic Actuator, Weather proof Micro Switch Box for Pneumatic Actuator, Actuator India, Weather Proof IP 68  Electrical Actuator, Linear Electrical Actuator, Linear Electric Globe Valve, MOV Gate Valve, Globe control Valve, Motorized  Globe Valve, Proportionate Valve Positioner, Proportionate modulating control Valve, 4~20mA Valve Actuator, 0~10VDC Valve  Actuator, Regulating Valve Actuator.  UPVC Ball Valves and PP Ball Valves, UPVC Butterfly Valves,


  Awaiting for your valuable enquiry and assure you of best quality material and trouble free service at all the time.

  If you have any enquiries regarding our products so please feel free to contact us.


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